Kitchen Reveal!

As I prepare to move in (this Sunday!!!), I have been incredibly busy finishing up some last minute projects. I’ve purposefully waited to post pictures of the kitchen, because it has been the biggest transformation. I realize now that I don’t have very many good pictures of the kitchen. We are putting on the pulls … More Kitchen Reveal!

Fire Check

Guys, so much transformation has been taking place at my little home! I’m so so excited! I was talking with my mom today. I think the biggest reason I’m excited to move in is just because I’m so excited about my house. My house. That’s just still so crazy. It’s been my empty canvas to … More Fire Check

Refinishing Floors

We’ve started work refinishing the hardwood floors. In my house, every floor is hardwood except the tile, the back door hallway, and the bathroom. When we decided to refinish them, my mom did what she does best and researched how best to refinish floors. We got a quote from a professional and thought about using them, but … More Refinishing Floors

House Update

So, I’ve done a terrible job at keeping up, but here’s an update! Three weekends in a row, my awesome grandparents came down to help out with the house! In those three weeks, we accomplished much! The first set of pictures are the upstairs. We refinished the ceiling with ship lap. We made the ship … More House Update

Why a fixer upper?

To start, I wanted to shed light on my skillset and explain what inspired me to choose a fixer upper. There are two reasons that I chose a house that needed some work.  First, with a fixer upper, the owner has the creative freedoms to make the house their own. They are the designer. Second, money. Let’s … More Why a fixer upper?

Fixer Upper

As many of you know, I recently purchased my first home. I immediately fell in love with the exterior and upon walking through the house was sold after seeing the built-ins, fireplace, and older floors. This home has so much character and it satisfied my desire for an older styled house. That being said, it could definitely … More Fixer Upper