18235850_10210240932874535_741093901_oMy name is Nikki Lehman, I’m a 20 something recent college Graduate. I work as a front-end developer in Indy and aspire to one day own my own coffee shop out in Colorado. I love the outdoors, sports – especially soccer, decorating, watercoloring, card/board games, the Cincinnati Bengals, coffee shops, intentional conversations, Uganda, and most importantly, Jesus Christ.  I played soccer all throughout college, and it has shaped and formed me and my walk in countless ways (there are many posts regarding my collegiate journey in soccer).

The older I get, the more I’m realizing how fleeting life is and that nothing is guaranteed. I don’t often open up easily, and this blog shares some of the depths of my heart and what I’m currently experiencing or learning. I appreciate you taking some time out of your day to read or respond to my thoughts. I hope this blog is used to further the kingdom, and brings hope, comfort, and challenge to your heart. Here you will find a journey through grief, injury, singleness, huge losses, missions, home ownership, and more, thanks for stopping by.

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