God reveals His best through a coffee station

At my house, we have an overflow of mugs. The kitchen is pretty small, and one cabinet is filled with mugs. That’s a lot of space designated to mugs. My roommates started talking to me about building a mug wall. It took a couple months before I started seriously thinking about this plan. At first I had all these great ideas for a shelving unit, but then I remembered my plaster walls and how difficult it is to hang anything on them.. so we came up with a few ideas that seemed okay and I asked my friend, Brad, if he could help us create this mug wall.

A few more weeks went by as we began talking about the plan, and the mug wall transitioned into a coffee station. The coffee station morphed into a coffee hutch with a place to hang some mugs and a shelf to house extra coffee essentials.

Last night, I sat down looking at the coffee hutch that finally adorned the corner of my dining room. This beautiful piece of furniture that looked nothing like I had originally planned was the perfect finishing touch. It opened up tons more space not only in my kitchen cabinet but also on the counter. It was everything I never knew I needed and now I can’t imagine what I did before having it.

As I was sitting there, it hit me. This coffee hutch was more than just a place to store and make coffee. It was a promise from God. It was a promise in regards to my future spouse. During this time of waiting, I think I know the type of guy who could be my perfect spouse. I think I’m ready and I am eagerly anticipating him. God’s reminding me to continually be patient in His timing. I may think I have a plan. I may think my “mug wall” is perfect, but God’s waiting around, taking His time, because He wants to gift me with something far greater than a mug wall. I won’t settle for the mediocre mug wall when I know God has the perfect coffee hutch in mind. Now every time I go to make coffee or walk through my dining room, I’m met by not only a beautiful piece of furniture, but a promise for the future as well.

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