Everything is meaningless

For those of you who aren’t new to the blog, you know that 50% of my posts (back in the day) were about soccer and surgeries and the pains, struggles, and joys I found through competing at the collegiate level. Recently, I read an article about a former coach who had recently resigned. Unfortunately, the further into the article I read, the more I felt disrespected. I was hurt to read some of the words written about my class and classes before me. Words written about experiences people weren’t even involved in but had suddenly become experts in. Initially, I felt a lot of anger, but then it hit me..

At church, we’ve been studying Ecclesiastes. For those of you who haven’t read it, the whole book is based on how life without Christ is meaningless – a mere chasing after the wind.

I spent 18 years of my life training for soccer. I spent 4 years training and competing at the college level. During that time, I ran countless sprints, I woke up early before my summer internships to workout and came home from my internships to work out some more, I went through 2 invasive surgeries (ACL and Compartment Syndrome), I spent countless hours in the athletic training room. I pushed my body to places I didn’t think I could go. I gave up countless hours to invest and mentor underclassmen, to lead by example, to create a family where our team was unified in the common purpose of serving Christ on and off the field. I cried countless tears. I gave my life to the sport and to my team.

I remember fretting over games, starting positions, injuries, etc.

For what?

It’s all meaningless. Now 2 years out, the legacy my class worked so hard to build has disappeared. The hours I spent working to earn playing time mean nothing. What once seemed to matter so much now matters very little.

Tonight I was reminded that life truly is pointless without Christ. Anything of this world has no lasting meaning. It may satisfy for a minute but that too, soon vanishes. Don’t work for the glory from those around you. Work hard only for Christ. The only thing lasting, the only thing eternal, is Christ. What we do for Christ will last a lifetime.

Last, I wanna say that success isn’t measured by wins or losses. To me, success is measured through relationships, Spiritual growth, and experiences. When I look back on my college soccer experience, most of what I am grateful for isn’t even soccer related. Soccer brought me my best friends, it made me stronger, and it brought me closer to Christ. I learned how to dig deep and fight. I have memories that will last a lifetime, and nothing and nobody can take those away. That’s what matters – the relationships, the lessons learned, and the journey.

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