The Posture of Waiting

I keep a prayer journal.. I have been doing this for the last 5 years. Last night, I was going back and reading through my prayers. It’s so cool to see how God showed up over the years..seeing both the prayers he answered in ways I expected or wanted, and also seeing prayers He answered with a no. As I read, I realized a common theme to a lot of my prayers has been wait.

This past December I wrote about waiting, and I thought I’d share what I wrote.

“Wait. Waiting.

So often we wonder where God is during the waiting. But He’s all around! God does His best work in the waiting.

What does a posture of waiting look like?

I have come to know that a true posture of waiting looks like someone knelt, with arms spread open and palms faced upward – emptied. It’s a posture of hope and expectancy. Only God can fulfill our greatest desires and deepest longings. It’s only when we come to Christ without our own expectations – without any power of our own, in a humbled posture that God can work.

How often do I think I’m waiting, but in reality, I’m that little kid in the car asking repeatedly, ‘Are we there yet?’ How often do I come to the place of waiting claiming to be patient, but really expecting exactly what I’m waiting for to show up right when I want it. That is not the appropriate posture of waiting. Lord, I’m sorry for how I come to you with an improper posture of waiting. Help me to hold on to the flame of hope, no matter how small it is! Help me to remember what you are capable of and what you can do! I want to wait with expectancy – not an expectancy that’s regarding me, but expecting that you will meet me without fail. Rather than demanding the things I want and calling that belief, I am simply going to expect you to show up. I want to know joy here in the waiting. Help me to know joy here.”

Going through life in a posture of waiting is hard. It’s hard to be fully expectant and reliant on the Lord even when the next step is uncertain or the waiting is long. One thing I know, the Lord is in the waiting. He sits with us, and He’s working for us. Whatever you’re waiting for, whether you’ve been waiting for a day or for 10 years, know that He is working and waiting alongside you.

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