Finding Your Stride

Have you ever been running and all of the sudden you just find your stride. I mean your running and then you hit this stride and you feel one with the road (or treadmill). Your body movements are so smooth and it almost feels like you’re flying.

It seems most of my life I’ve been running the wrong way. I was a college soccer player and I’m just now figuring this out? haha. Rather than this effortless movement, I was always pushing, sprinting, trying hard. Instead of listening to my body, standing erect, and letting my feet feel the rhythm, I was leaning forward pushing towards the destination in front of me and ultimately ending tired, and worn out.

It’s not that I had a weird running form. To anyone it would probably look normal. It seemed normal. I thought it was normal – until I began to hit my stride. I’ve just recently begun to experience this effortless running and before that I had no idea what I was missing out on.

As I was finishing my run yesterday, I couldn’t help but compare this scenario to my walk with Christ. So often I’m pushing towards a goal. I’m trying to fit my “workout” in rather than enjoying His presence. My relationship doesn’t often feel effortless. In fact, at times it seems to be a lot of persistence and work. But when you experience “your stride” with Christ, oh. You know there is so much more. You know you’ve been missing out on such an experience – such a relationship. Running in stride with Christ is effortless. It’s enjoyable. It’s the way we were meant to live.

There are times where going for a run feels terrible, and I have to make myself do it, and while I’m running I’m dying, but I’m always glad I ran. In the same way, there are days where trusting and hoping in Christ is hard work. Where you feel like you’ve been waiting forever and it should finally be “your turn.” But I know at the end, when I look back, I’m always glad I pressed into the Lord even when I didn’t feel like it.

Fittingly, I finished my run yesterday with the song “Born To Run”

I finally found the answer to my purpose
It turns out you were closer than I ever thought
And now I’m gonna live my life on purpose
The way I could’ve all along
I was chasing me now
Looking for a feeling
Now I found Your freedom
And I know it’s here to stay
When I’m restless
I run to your presence
There’s no better promise than Your way

I was born to run
This heart was made to run

Here’s to living in stride with Christ.

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