The Master Cleaner

Today, instead of heading to church, we spent the morning at an elderly man’s home where the shrubbery and trees were overgrown and the outside of the home was filled with mildew. I spent the entire morning power washing the house, steps, windows, and gutters of the home.

As I sprayed the side of the house, I couldn’t help but find satisfaction in the disappearance of the green mildew on the plastic strips of the home. Cleaning away the filth and seeing a clean home so similarly parallels what happens to our hearts when we begin our relationship with Christ.

We were filthy on the inside, but Christ washed us clean. While Christ dying for us saves us, we are being sanctified day by day – made to live more and more like Christ.

As I sprayed the wall, it wasn’t a one time pass and done. I had to go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, multiple times. My arms got tired from continually holding them up and pressing the trigger, and at times I wanted to stop. Christ too has to continually work on our hearts. We are creatures of habit and continually step back into our own ways and He never tires of picking us back up and cleaning us off. Unlike me, Christ never thinks about stopping. He is constantly pursuing us, loving us, and dusting us off.

I’m grateful to serve that type of God. No matter how filthy I am, He continually fights for me and loves me. He can clean up anything. We are never too dirty for Him. Praise God for his faithfulness and grace.

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