Fire Check

Guys, so much transformation has been taking place at my little home! I’m so so excited! I was talking with my mom today. I think the biggest reason I’m excited to move in is just because I’m so excited about my house. My house. That’s just still so crazy. It’s been my empty canvas to design, and I’m just anxious with anticipation to see it finally come together.

Today was a BIG BIG day because the countertops were installed! I don’t want to post anything yet until the whole kitchen is complete, but stay tuned! The difference is immense and incredible, and I’m beyond pumped to share!

Today, I wanted to share just the fireplace transformation. I know I’ve shared some pictures, but it’s finally completed. It’s nice to say that. So many things are almost complete, but this is done and that feels great! Having a fireplace was a huge priority for me. I love fireplaces. They create a warm and inviting feel, plus I’m always cold so the additional warmth is a plus! Anyways, when I first bought this house, the fireplace really intrigued me! I saw sooo much potential. I immediately knew what I wanted to do, to give the fireplace a facelift. I love clean, modern/rustic design. The fireplace became my own personal project. While I needed some help putting the tile in for the hearth, and my dad had to wire up the gas logs, I completed everything else on my own.

Side note: we found the logs (I believe for free) from an older couple, and I was so pumped about them. I’ve always had a gas fireplace, and I wasn’t entirely pumped about having to constantly get firewood and deal with the messy ashes.

I took down the mirror and painted and put up wood with liquid nail. Liquid nail is amazing. I’m a huge promoter of that stuff! I primed and painted the brick. This took a surprisingly long time. Many coats later, I think it looks incredible. I scrubbed and scrubbed, and scrubbed the inside of the fireplace and cleaned out all the ashes. I pulled up the hearth tile and leveled out the area with a chisel – and then a hammer (After a few hours I got smart.. hammer took no time at all). Finally I measured the tile and helped my dad cut some of it. (My dad cut most of it and laid it in). Special guest, Kayla put on the first layer of grout sealer.

I love the finished product!

IMG_2223IMG_3330 2.jpg

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