Sunday night we left Providence House and all our new friends for the YWAM base to join the youth group. 

We spent the morning at church with Taylor, Jake, their family, and the Minnesota team. The church service was awesome. Ugandans are so energetic with their worship and just their enthusiasm for Christ. After the service, we went to lunch with everyone and then hung out before basketball. Basketball is not big here. This may be one of the only places where you hear complaints if a team is all mzungus (because Americans are so much better). 

The drive to Otimms house (where basketball was taking place) was eventful. There aren’t road signs anywhere – especially in the villages. Directions are given based on landmarks but it’s so easy to get lost. Back in the villages, there aren’t a ton of people who speak English because there are fewer literate people. We kept stopping and asking for directions and nobody knew what we were saying. Finally a boda boda driver led us (first to the wrong place) to the correct house. 

Leaving Providence House and all our friends was really sad. Showing up at the YWAM base I wasn’t mentally prepared for the accommodation differences. In all honesty I didn’t have a great attitude. Essentially we are camping. We have a dormitory for all the girls and all the guys. There were no mosquito nets and no fans. There’s one toilet that constantly stops working and one squatty potty. There are two showers with ice cold water and one sink that ants frequent. We eat outside with the same plate and fork that we wash after in water buckets filled with drowning ants. I’m ashamed to say that I really struggled with the transition. We are kind of stuck on the YWAM base whereas before we were near town and could easily go to anything we wanted to (soccer, the Nile, downtown, etc). My breaking point came when I went to shower at my parents room and kayla found a rat! Mosquitos are more prevalent on base due to all the standing water, and everything on the YWAM base smells. However, the people are so kind and filled with interesting stories. 

After taking the time and changing my mindset I have come to appreciate things about the base. I had to remind myself about expectations and flexibility.  

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