The Ugandan People 

Eager to serve and always smiling, the Ugandan people are so friendly! Whether you’re walking down Main Street, driving on the back of a boda-boda, loving on kids in the village, or talking to the watchmen, everyone here is so friendly and servant hearted! It’s very different from Kenya. In Kenya many are just out for themselves and rude but here everyone is willing to help and longing to serve. I love that. It’s like everyone you meet has a piece of Jesus in them!

Muslim is a big religion here. We visited a village which is primarily Muslim. There’s a team working here with us from Minnesota, and one of them sponsors a boy there through Global Belief Project. So we picked him up from school and went to his home. His parents were so excited and the guys that sponsor him stayed and hung out with them. They’re a Muslim family but through this sponsorship program they are begging to wonder about Christianity and seek out truth.

While they were there, we went to a school and played games with the kids. Then we visited a few from the village who had been baptized last year at an outreach. As we were sitting on the porch one of the little girls came up to me. Her clothes were tattered and worn, her skin red from the dirt but her smile was wide and white. I had her climb up on my lap and we spoke the universal language of clapping and smiling. She was so sweet!! We sat like that for probably 15 minutes. I seriously just want to hug every single child and buy them new clothes. Some kids have no pants. Some kids clothing is so ripped them might as well not have clothes, etc etc.

So, we are working with Taylor Radovich and her husband Jake and their two kids Jamison and Ezekiel who work with Global Belief Project! They repair wells around the villages and share the love of Christ. They. Are. Awesome. !! Their love for Christ is overwhelming and their love for the Ugandan people is beautiful! I’m so enjoying getting to know them and working with them! They also work with two Ugandan guys, Shepherd and Geoff. Geoff was born in the village. He’s not sure how old he is, but he said he knows he’s older than 26. Anyways, he had talent in soccer and so he was sponsored through school and able to get out and go to university! He’s full of life and so goofy and fun! He and Shepherd work with the kids! Shepherd is also fun and just really great to talk to.

Geoff now coachs a club team of high school aged boys. They’re very competitive and jourdan and I have played with them the past two nights! They’re so aggressive hah, but they’re fast and have great touches. It’s hard to see their true talent because they play on a field that’s partial grass and partial dirt and gravel. It’s also incredibly uneven, and the goals have bets but they are so grateful for what they have!

All that to say, the people are incredible!!

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