Finally back 

After 2 years, I’ve finally arrived back in Africa. This time I’m with my entire family and we are in Uganda.

We arrived in entebbe around noon and then made the long trek to Jinja. We arrived at the providence house, where we are staying around 4:30. 

Upon arrival, we settled in and then walked to Main Street for dinner. We couldn’t find the place we planned to eat at, so we flagged down to boda bodas and drove to a different restaurant. Boda boda rides are definitely  my favorite form of travel!

Jake and Taylor Radovich and their two kids, Jameison and Ezekiel happened to be eating there as well! It was so cool to meet them. I’ve followed Taylor on Instagram for a long time (@ohappytay). They’re just the sweetest family and I cannot wait to work with them in these upcoming weeks.

After dinner we came back and just chilled. This morning Jourdan and I woke up at 6:40 to run with Joseph. Joseph is the sweetest guy. He’s the grounds keeper here. Jourdan wrote a whole blog post on him you can go check out. 

Side note, I’d say what most stands out about the Ugandan people and culture is their servants heart. Everyone works so so hard and aims to please! They are all so welcoming and kind hearted. 

We probably ran 4 miles (part of which was along Lake Victoria)! Joseph is definitely in shape. I had to ask him to walk up one of the hills. (It didn’t help that last nights meal wasn’t sitting well in my stomach.)

After we got home and showered, I napped because I did not feel good. Then we headed to the market where we exchanged money and bought some different goods!

When we got back, taylor took us and some of the team from Minnesota that arrived last night to this pool where you can feed the monkeys! Literally the monkeys just come out of nowhere and come eat out of your hand! Coolest experience!

Then we headed back and walked to the orphanage. We were there from about 4-6 and just got to play with the kids. Gosh they were all so cute and joyful and FULL OF ENERGY!!! This was definitely the highlight of my day. All of the kids just desire attention and love , and they need that so badly!

We came home to a Ugandan meal cooked for us! And then played some games. It’s 830 and I’m so exhausted I can’t keep my eyes open to type anymore. 

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