Refinishing Floors

We’ve started work refinishing the hardwood floors. In my house, every floor is hardwood except the tile, the back door hallway, and the bathroom. When we decided to refinish them, my mom did what she does best and researched how best to refinish floors. We got a quote from a professional and thought about using them, but then in Lehman fashion, we decided to “do it ourselves.” My parents are the best at fixing things, researching things, and just simply working hard. They inspire me!

The floors started out looking like this. (They are skinny oak slats on the main floor and thicker pine slats upstairs.)

IMG_1285 2.JPGIMG_6301 2.JPG

IMG_3211 2.JPG
This last picture gives a better view of the scrapes, color splotches and stains.

Let me tell you, refinishing floors is a process and an art form. My dad has been sanding, sanding, and sanding some more. So far, they’ve finished the initial pass on the floors (this was the biggest job).  We initially rented a drum sander for the first pass.

IMG_7070 2.JPGIMG_2487 2.JPGIMG_0649 2.JPG

After the first pass all the dust must be swept up and the floors clean so we could put the sealer/poly on.

IMG_2482 2.JPGIMG_2483 2.JPGIMG_2481 2.JPG

These pictures are after the first coat. Yesterday we sanded again and applied another coat. Tonight we will sand and apply the last coat. Then the floors sit for a 2 week curing period. At that point I’ll post the finished pictures. 🙂

Choosing to refinish has been a big undertaking, but I love how the grain shines through and the different colors and character of the floor is displayed. I can’t wait to see how the end results turn out! Kudos to my mom and dad for being the hardest workers and doing such an amazing job!

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