House Update

So, I’ve done a terrible job at keeping up, but here’s an update! Three weekends in a row, my awesome grandparents came down to help out with the house! In those three weeks, we accomplished much!

The first set of pictures are the upstairs. We refinished the ceiling with ship lap. We made the ship lap out of 3/4″ plywood that we cut into 6″ wide pieces and painted. My dad and grandpa proceeded to hang them on the ceiling with Kayla and my mom as special guest helpers as well.


Another project has been the stairs. There is hard wood floors everywhere in the house except the kitchen and the stairs. The stairs had two layers of carpet on them. (I guess whoever lived there before needed the extra cushion??) NOTE: These are not finished yet.


My sweet Grandma Lehman spent A LOT of time on these stairs. She scrubbed them and sanded them and painted them. Hours were spent in this stairway!


Throughout this process, my “pet” project has been the fireplace. When I was looking for a house, a fireplace was a top priority for me. I just love fireplaces! They make a house feel like a home. They’re so cozy and inviting. Immediately, after seeing this fireplace I had a vision, and it’s been awesome to watch my vision come to life.


Here the fireplace is primed ^ and in the next picture the huge mirror has been removed and I’m beginning to remove the tiled hearth. (I’m are replacing the tile.)


Shout out to Luke for coming over and helping and a special shout out to my Aunt Christy and Uncle Jon for so generously providing me with some incredible wood from their home!


The finished project!! We are waiting until we refinish the hardwood to put in the new tile hearth, but everything else about the fireplace has been completed!


Since these projects, we’ve added ship lap to another area of the house, fixed broken plastered walls, sanded the floors, and worked on a lot of electrical outlets. Updates for those projects coming later! Also special shout out to Carol and Jack Negley (Kayla’s parents). They’ve been transforming my yard!!!

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