Indiana to Uganda.

They tell you that college will be the time of your life. They tell you that in college you will make lifelong friends. They tell you college will push you and challenge you in your thinking. They tell you college will bring freedom and fun. They don’t tell you that you will become best friends with a goofy blonde headed girl who lives 19 hours away and whose heart is in a different country altogether.

Leaving is hard. I’ve never been good at goodbyes. I tend to just push off my feelings and hope they’ll disappear only to have to deal with them later. Going from roommates – living in the same room and knowing that no matter what, if I didn’t see her during the day I’d at least see her at night, to being in different time zones is a tough adjustment. I miss my best friend – plain and simple.

As a scared freshman going into preseason, I never dreamt I would meet someone who fit so well – who understood me so well – who made me realize things about myself and admit things that I didn’t even know I was thinking. Not only am I saying goodbye to being roommates and seeing my best friend everyday, but in just 3 short days, my best friend will be in another country for 4 months. Uganda doesn’t know what they’ve got coming.

Laying here thinking about my person going to Uganda, I can’t help but feel excited for the adventures that await. As I think about it, I begin to reminisce on my summer adventure to Kenya and my heart aches for the people I left there. Part of my heart stayed in Kenya. I ache for the joyful children who had nothing but at the same time had everything. And now another part of my heart is headed to Africa as Sarah leaves for Uganda. It seems like too much. Too much of my heart is in a different country and I’m not sure how I’m going to get through these next 4 months.

So much is happening. On January 25th, in just 22 short days, I start my job. I’m scared for that. I’m scared I won’t be good at my job. I’m scared I won’t like my job. I’m scared I’ll feel trapped. I’m scared I won’t be able to handle 40 hours  a week. I’m scared I’m not ready for adulthood. I’m scared I’ll fail. And when it gets hard, who will I call. My best friend will be half way across the world, 7 hours ahead on amazing adventures. I’m starting into a new relationship and it’s exciting and scary at the same time. When something great happens, or when something hard happens, or when I’m confused or just need someone to talk to, she will be gone.

Yes, of course we will still talk, but it won’t be the same, and I’m just preparing myself. I realize I sound selfish, but I guess I am selfish. She’s my girl. She’s my compass. She mellows me. I need her. So I’m scared and sad – so sad, but more than that I’m excited. I’m excited because my best friend is an adventurer. The core of who she is longs for this, and God’s got some extraordinary things for her. I cannot wait for her to experience Africa. I cannot wait for her to bring back her own stories. I can’t wait to talk to her while she’s gone. Just as she supported me while I was in Kenya, I can’t wait to support her while she’s in Uganda. That doesn’t mean it will be easy, but it’s doable. However, I still miss my best friend. I miss her something fierce tonight and I wish I could have just one more adventure – just one more late night talk – just one more hug before she leaves.

Missing you from Indiana.. love you Sarah Katherine Nyhoff.

One thought on “Indiana to Uganda.

  1. Not to be cliche but your normal to feel scared of adulthood. Although I think u were pretty adult like in Kenya already:)
    As you get older friends change and you change but hold onto memories because that’s what life is all about. Uganda isn’t too far away;) tell her to call you with MTN airtime, cheaper than you calling her.
    I want to give you inspirational advice but all I can say is…walls just jump right out sometimes and you hit them with your big toe 🙂 or car doors.. Just keep on moving and you’ll get used to the bumps.


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