Gift that keeps Giving

As many of you know, I spent half of my summer in Kenya this year. While I was there, I was able to love on and befriend many deeply impoverished but incredibly joyful kids. My host family was unbelievably welcoming and kind. Regina and James, my Kenyan parents, are both principals of two rural schools in Kenya. Regina is the principal of a preschool-8th grade school. Although it’s a government sponsored school, they have very little funding. These are just a couple of the classrooms. In the left photo, this is the 6th grade classroom. Their floor is dirt, and they haven’t had enough money to finish the walls and windows and make a concrete floor. In the photo on the right, this is a 1st grade classroom. That wall behind me and the kids is indeed the wall to their classroom. Can you imagine learning in an enviornment like this?

The following are just a few pictures of some of the kids and the desks they have to try and write on. These kids are beautiful and have so much joy and life. All of their parents are farmers or unemployed. They come from an incredibly poor village. This school is their only chance to change the trajectory of their lives.


Before I left, Regina, the principal of this school, gave me some Kenyan wall hangings and cards to sell back in the states and then send the money to them. These are all handmade and beautiful. As you know, Christmas is coming, and sometimes it’s incredibly difficult to figure out what to get your friend or relative, this year, why not give a gift that keeps giving.


These are just a sample of the wall hanging that I have. There are multiple styles to choose from. They are 20 dollars a piece or your best donation. Anything can help!


I also have a number of cards to sell. Again there’s a wide variety. These are 5×7 cards and they are beatifully and intrically created. They are 5 dollars a piece or your best donation.

Please consider one or more of these gifts as you start buying for the holidays. Message me if interested or message me for more pictures. Please share with your friends 🙂

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