beautiful kenya

Dry, dusty, desert.

These are some of the things I thought I’d find in Kenya. Instead, I found Kenya to be a luscious farm land filled with trees – as many different variations as you can dream up (my personal favorites are the flat topped trees).

Kakamega is where we are staying, and it is beautiful like I described. Nearby is the kakamega national rainforest. One of the schools we go to is on top of the mountain overlooking the rainforest.

I wish I could share all of what we’ve done so far but I don’t have the time. However today was a great day and I want to share it with you. Today we went to that school and ran a medical clinic. The school is in an incredibly poor neighborhood. Most of the people cannot afford healthcare but desperately need it. We saw over 300 people. Little babies were being carried in with fevers and coughs…it was a sight to break your heart.

Sometimes I find it’s hard for me to break the ice and start conversations – even in Kenya. I just run out of things to talk about when first starting a conversation. I think that’s partly why I love little kids so much. I met so many little kids today and they stole my heart. Although there was a language barrier, it didn’t stop us from many laughs. We copied what each other wrote and drew in the sand. I showed them pictures of snow and my family. We learned each Others names.

image image image image

I love the Kenyan people. They are slowly stealing my heart. They are a formal, proper people who are incredibly hospitable. They treat their guests with love and respect. They have no regard for time but do things to make sure everyone feels loved and cared for. They work hard. They have been dealt a challenging life and many of them grab the challenge by the horns and run with it.

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