One Step at a Time

Step by step. When we are little, walking is one of the first things we learn. We start by crawling, and then we begin walking. Once we can walk, a whole new world opens up to us – a whole new adventure awaits. Pretty soon, walking becomes second nature – you simply put one foot in front of the other. Pretty soon we start jogging, running, and then sprinting.

Something I love about traveling is finding new places to run. When I see a new path stretching out in front of me, I can’t wait to explore. My walk turns into a jog, and then a run. I’m excited about the path set before me. Our walk with the Lord is so similar. There are so many verses that talk about God setting our path and God guiding our steps. Proverbs 16:9 says, “The heart of man plans his ways, but the Lord establishes his steps.” I used to always think that when we emptied our hands and gave our lives over to God, he would lead us to the path he has for us, but then we would take the steps. However, just in these last few months, I’ve been learning that when God says he establishes our steps, he means just that. He doesn’t just lead us to the path, he tells us where to step and when to step. We take one step at a time in God’s time. Once God leads us to the path, we can’t just take off running, yet so often that’s what I do.

When I take off running, I hit every pot hole on the path. I make the path so much harder than it needs to be, and I bring so much more confusion and stress to my life. Waiting on God’s timing is hard – espeically when there’s a new adventure down the path. But I don’t want to take God’s plan for me and add my own bit of flair to it. When I take steps before God says go, I tarnish God’s perfect plan. I know that nothing I imagine is half as good as what God has planned, and I want His best.

I’ve been learning a lot about the beauty in the journey. In every situation, there is a purpose and a plan. If I feel that I’ve been standing in the same spot on the path for a very long time, I need to realize that there might be road construction up ahead, or a bridge might be in the process of being built. If I choose to run ahead, I’ll fall off the cliff or have to take a detour. God sees down the path. He’s protecting me and he’s preparing the path as I stand in confusion and wait. Trust. Trust God. Trust his timing. Trust his path.

Step by Step.

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