Behind the Mirror

Nobody has it all together all the time – nobody leads a perfect life. Yet, so often, I find myself putting on a strong front – a fake front so when the world looks in, they are impressed. In this day and age, technology has made it so easy for us to create this image of ourselves that screams “I’ve got it all together.” With social media, we display only the pictures we look “perfect” in. We update our status with our successes, but not with our failures. We talk about all the fun, adventurous experiences we have, but we leave out the routine aspects of our lives.

With social media surrounding us, it’s so easy to believe that everyone has it all together and we should too, so we pretend we do. But really, what’s wrong with imperfections? I mean really. A scar is considered an imperfection, but they show that we’ve lived. They show that we’ve struggled and emerged. Scars are beautiful. And sure, every teenager wants to hide their acne, but really, acne represents the growth from childhood to adulthood – maturity. All our imperfections make up who we are. They are a part of us.

“There’s no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let others be inspired by  how you deal with your imperfections.”

I like that. When we hide our flaws, we are not only hiding parts of who we are, but we are taking away any chance of helping others. This world is a huge place, and chances are, there’s another who has the same imperfections as you – the same struggles. By sharing those, we can help each other.

A few months ago, we got our summer workouts, and due to my ACL, i started a couple weeks behind, and I found that I was struggling with the fitness more than I thought I would. Honestly, I was kind of embarrassed. I knew I was out of shape – partly because I hadn’t been able to run in 6 months, but I didn’t realize that even after a month or so I would still struggle so much with making my times. I didn’t want to share my times when some of my friends asked, but I decided to be vulnerable and show my weakness, turns out other people were struggling with making the times too. It wasn’t just me. We were able to talk about it and push each other, and now my fitness has improved a lot. It’s so much easier to go through life with people than alone. Trying to portray this perfect person who doesn’t exist will drain the life out of you. Show your flaws, be comfortable in your own skin. Forget what you see on social media and remember that people only display the best sides of them, there are so many things not posted. I challenge you and myself to be on social media less and open up the Bible more. I also challenge you to share your imperfections with the world, you never know who might need to see that they aren’t the only one struggling.

In a world striving after perfection, it takes courage to be imperfect. It takes strength to swim against the current. And although other’s might not follow you, they will respect you. “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” Without our imperfections, how will Jesus be revealed? If we were perfect, if we had it all together, we wouldn’t need Christ. But we aren’t – I’m not. I need Christ every second of every day – even if I don’t always act like I need him. So allow Christ to shine through your imperfections. Don’t slave yourself to the chains of perfection, instead, rest in the freedom of revealing your whole self – imperfections and all.


Imperfections are normal

Imperfections are human

We are flawed

Embrace it

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